All our subscriptions allow you to connect your evidence with a professional or organisation, update your adviser in real-time, and send and receive confidential messages.

£10.99per month
  • 1 Case
  • 1 Label
  • Up to 100 records
  • 30mb Attachment files (documents, photos, screenshots etc)
  • I Professional connection
  • 1 Downloaded report
£25.99per month
  • Unlimited number of cases
  • Unlimited number of labels
  • Unlimited number of records
  • 1GB Attachment files (documents, screenshots, photos etc)
  • Unlimited professional connections
  • Unlimited downloaded reports

Feature Comparison

ONRECORD FeaturesBasicStandardPremium
Maximum Number of Cases12Unlimited
Maximum Number of Labels15Unlimited
Maximum Number of Records100/month
Download chronological reportsUnlimitedUnlimited
Connect to a professional or organisation to
have real-time updating of your adviser and
receive and send secure, confidential messages
(1 only) (2 only)
Data limit30MB/month100MB/Month1GB/Month
Add attachments (documents, photos, screenshots, video etc)

See records on a map

See records in a timeline

See records in a calendar

Search and filter records by date, time or impact

See where records were uploaded

See when records were uploaded and by whom

Amend records
Monthly Subscription£10.99£14.99£19.99

The Premium Features Explained

1GB of Data

This is the key feature of the Premium account.  Supporting evidence, such as photos, documents, video or audio recordings, which prove that what you say is true, is essential for winning your dispute.  1GB of data will enable you to upload all the supporting evidence you need.  Don’t lose your case by not saving enough key evidence.

Calendar Screen
Unlimited Connections

In a complex case, or if you have several ongoing cases, you may need to share your evidence with more than one professional.  For example, you may want your solicitor to see your records and you may also wish to share some of your evidence with the police or an advice service.

With ONRECORD, it is an easy matter to select which case, which labels and which records you wish to share with each professional.

With a Premium account you can link to as many professionals or agencies as you need.

Unlimited Labels

Use colour coded labels to organise your records under key headings so that they are easily searched and your case can be quickly understood.  As you build your evidence, you can add or delete labels, moving records between them as you wish.

Unlimited Cases

If you have more than one issue to record, for example you may have an ongoing dispute but also need to record how your case is handled, you can keep the evidence for each issue separately as separate cases.

Unlimited downloads

Create and download as many chronological reports as you like as often as you like, with clearly labelled attachments, to keep your evidence updated as it develops.

Get started today

Download the app from the store and start building your evidence today. The free version of ONRECORD allows you to add five records and tryout the app before you subscribe either to the mobile app on its own or the mobile and web apps together. Take a closer look at the advanced features and read our guidance on how to keep effective records.

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