What features do different record keeping applications provide?

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FeaturesONRECORDBrightSkyTalk to SpotPen/paper/digital diary
Available as a mobile app? YesYesYesNo
Is there a synchronised/integrated web application?YesNoNoNo
Is it's use limited to a specific set of problems?Suited to all kinds of problemsLimited to domestic abuse onlyWorkplace issues onlySuited to all kinds of problems
Can the service connect user's records to a professional or organisation for support and assistance? Yes (user accounts can be linked online for real time monitoring etc)No (records can be sent as individual emails)No (records can be sent as individual emails)No
Does the service enable connected professionals or organisations receive and send secure, confidential messages?YesNoNoNo
Are records auotmatically stored in a chronological timeline?YesNoNoNo
Can records be downloaded as a chronological report, by date and time?YesNoNoNo
Can attachments be added to records, e.g. photos, documents etc?YesYesNoYes
Do records have an 'Impact' score? (to assist in searching for the most significant events)YesNoNoNo
Do records provide a verified location of events?YesNoNoNo
Is there a search facility to find and select records?YesNoNoNo
Can records be made under separate headings to address different issues?YesNoNoYes
Is a map provided to show the locations of events?YesNoNoNo
Is there a calendar view of records?YesNoNoNo
Can you evidence who uploaded a record and when it was uploaded?YesNoNoNo

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