It’s as simple as:

1. Save your evidence

Make records on the mobile app or login on the website as soon as things happen and you are safe to do so. Attach supporting evidence and prove your location, time and date.  Everything you upload is stored together securely in a timeline to give the fullest picture of what happened and preserve its value as evidence.

Keep your records organised under headings and labels.

Specially designed for evidence

Add your supporting evidence

Add documents, screenshots, photos, videos and audio recordings that prove your case.

Tag with time and place

Your records are automatically saved with the time and location to prove where you were and when.

Download a ready-to-use report

Select the records you want to download and share or print the ready-to-use, date-ordered reports.

Organise your records to be easily understood

Add as many colour coded headings or labels as you need, to make your records easily understood.

Share online

Link directly to your adviser, solicitor or other professional to share your evidence and activate confidential messaging.

Rate the impact

Rate the seriousness, so your adviser can easily find the most serious events.

Once you have opened your account, download the FREE mobile app and start making records

Download ONRECORD from App Store
Download ONRECORD from Google Play

Life is not just about difficulties and disputes

ONRECORD is ideal for keeping a record of good things too.  Keep a secure and confidential archive of important personal experiences.  Record your children’s progress, your own achievements, your health, important life events and other private matters.  ONRECORD is a safe, easy to use and secure way to record anything of importance in your life.