Win your dispute

  • Be better prepared than your opponent in a court hearing or a complaint.
  • Be better prepared when you talk to the police.
  • ONRECORD helps you prove that what you are saying is true.
  • ONRECORD is specially designed to make preparing your evidence quick, simple and cost effective – on both mobile devices or lap/desktop computer.

Save money on legal fees

Lawyers cost much more than you would ever anticipate and you are unlikely to qualify for Legal Aid (in the UK). So, how are you going to get fair justice if you don’t have a fortune to spend on lawyers?

ONRECORD combines your account of events with all the supporting evidence needed to prove your case. By using ONRECORD, you, even doing it on your own, will be able to make your evidence convincing and easy for a judge to understand.

You can use ONRECORD’s evidence yourself if you are acting ‘pro se’ or ‘in person’, without a lawyer. Or share it with your lawyer online and save money by doing the basic work yourself, leaving your lawyer ready to act and give real value.

Build the best evidence to download or share online

Your account of events is of no value unless you can prove that what you say is true. Without supporting evidence, what you say may be of little value.

Supporting evidence includes:

  • Witness evidence (in which case name the witness and provide their contact details)
  • Location information (you can choose for ONRECORD to show where you uploaded a record, or you can enter the location of an event manually)
  • Photos,
  • Documents (from your device or from a cloud account),
  • Screenshots (for example of text messages),
  • Video or audio recordings

ONRECORD combines your record of events with all of these kinds of supporting evidence and organises them into a clear, coherent account which can prove your case.

ONRECORD makes it easy to review, select and download your evidence. Use the map, timeline or calendar and filter your searches by date, key words, labels/headings and impact score.

Share your evidence with a professional adviser and get our confidential messaging service

Link your account to keep your professional adviser(s) up to date. Cut out expensive correspondence and phone calls by linking your ONRECORD account to your professional adviser online. The simple, quick and secure linking process gives immediate access to your evidence and to our free, confidential messaging connection. You can unlink your account whenever you choose. (This service is free to professionals.)

New Record Screen

Using ONRECORD In a Dispute or Legal Case

The only way to prove what’s happened and win your dispute is to have good evidence. If you don’t make good records and add supporting evidence you will not be able to prove your case. ONRECORD lets you immediately make clear and detailed records, with the supporting evidence to prove it’s true.

The more you take responsibility for gathering your evidence the better, whether you are acting ‘pro se’ or ‘in person’ or using a lawyer. You know what has happened, your lawyer doesn’t. It’s difficult, time-consuming and expensive to ask a professional adviser to sort bits of information into a useful document. Take control. ONRECORD is the answer.

New Record Screen

1. Save Your Evidence

Make records on the mobile app or the website as soon as things happen and you are safe to do so. Attach supporting evidence and prove your location, time and date. Everything you upload is stored together securely to give the fullest picture of what happened and preserve its value as evidence.

Keep your records organised under unlimited headings and labels.

Specially Designed For Evidence

Add Your Supporting Evidence

Add documents, screenshots, photos, videos and audio recordings to prove your case.

Tag With Time and Place

Your records are automatically saved with the time and location to prove where you were and when.

Download a Court Usable Report

Select the evidence you want to present and download and print date-ordered reports you can use in court.

Organise Your Records to be Easily Understood

Add as many colour coded headings or labels as you need, to make your evidence easily understood.

Share Online

Link directly to your solicitor, adviser or other professional to share your evidence and have confidential messaging.

Rate the Impact

Rate the seriousness, so your adviser can easily find the most serious events.

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