Use ONRECORD to record and prove domestic abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, parental alienation, stalking, harassment and any other abuse

If you want to save legal fees or are acting pro se representing yourself in court, ONRECORD is designed for you.

If you or those you love are being abused or mistreated, all professionals will tell you to keep records.  ONRECORD helps you gather and share your evidence

Level 1
£9.99/mthBilled Monthly
  • Suitable for a single problem (Case) needing no more than 1 record/day and 3 headings (Labels). The limited monthly data allowance each month is unsuitable if you want to upload more than a few photos or screenshots per month.

  • 1 Case
  • 3 Labels
  • 30 MB of attachments per month
  • 30 records per month
  • 1 download per month
  • No professional connections
  • 2 friends and family connections
  • In-app secure messaging
Level 3
£19.99/mthBilled Monthly
  • Suitable for those with complex or multiple problems (Cases). No limit to the number of records, downloads or connections and with a very large data allowance.

  • Unlimited Cases
  • Unlimited Labels
  • 1 GB of attachments per month
  • Unlimited records per month
  • Unlimited downloads per month
  • Unlimited professional connections
  • Unlimited friends and family connections
  • In-app secure messaging

Record evidence about any issue

Share securely with friends and family

In-app secure messaging

Encrypted and secure

Link to an adviser or professional

No tracking or marketing cookies

Do it right. Don’t be caught out

ONRECORD guides you to prepare forensically sound evidence.  Trying to keep records on paper, in a digital diary or notes is inadequate, risky and can ultimately be costly.  Don’t rely on taking assorted bits of evidence in different formats and leaving the costly job to professionals to organise it into a document. ONRECORD presents your evidence convincingly, with proof of timing and location.  Share online with professionals or other support.

Helping you keep records that make your evidence clear, complete and credible.

Wherever you are getting advice or help, be in control of your own information and evidence. Work securely and collaboratively with your adviser.  Save time and money

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Find all our advice and guidance about domestic abuse, stalking, harassment, parental alienation, family court cases, representing yourself in court and neighbour, workplace, health services or social services disputes and lots more on this website

Prove the time.
Prove the location.

ONRECORD shows the time and location of when and where your record was uploaded to prove that it was made when your memory was fresh and where the event happened.


Connect to an adviser.
Get the support you need.

ONRECORD allows you to share your records with a trusted adviser and use secure in-app messaging.

Accounts for professionals are free.  Ask your professional adviser to contact us at or they can register for their free account here: