Don’t lose your legal battle! 

Keep your own records if you want to save legal fees and win your case


If you leave it all to lawyers, they can charge upwards of £300/hour to compile your evidence, which you will have spent the time explaining to them anyway.  Compile it competently yourself or be ready to face some hefty fees.

Wherever you are, easily and quickly combine your text with photos, video, audio and documents.  Prove location, date and time.

Do it right. Don’t be caught out

ONRECORD guides you to prepare forensically sound evidence.  Simply trying to keep records on paper, in a digital diary or notes is inadequate, risky and can ultimately be costly.  Don’t rely on taking assorted bits of evidence in different formats and leaving the costly job to professionals to organise it into a document. ONRECORD presents your evidence convincingly, with proof of timing and location.  Share online with professionals or other support.

Keep records about any problem.
Make your evidence clear, complete and credible.

Be in control of your own information and evidence. Work securely and collaboratively with an adviser.  Save time and money

Prove the time.
Prove the location.

ONRECORD shows the time and location of when and where your record was uploaded to prove that it was made when your memory was fresh and where the event happened.


Connect to an adviser.
Get the support you need.

ONRECORD allows you to share your records with a trusted adviser and use secure in-app messaging.

Accounts for professionals are free.  Ask your professional adviser to contact us at admin@myonrecord.com or they can register for their free account here:

Sign up for your 7 day free trial.  Then only £9.99 per month – cancel any time

Only pay for the data you use each month – upgrade or downgrade as your needs change

Level 2
  • If you're saving a lot of attachments in a month, upgrade to:
  • 100mb Attachment files/month (Approx. 100 photos/screenshots per month)
  • You can downgrade again if your monthly needs reduce
Level 3
  • If you're really uploading a lot of data in a month, this level allows:
  • 1GB Attachment files/month (Approx. 1000 screenshots/photos or several minutes of video per month)
  • You can downgrade again if your monthly needs reduce

Use ONRECORD if you are a litigant in person or need legal advice for domestic abuse, stalking or harassment or if you are needing to make records and gather evidence for a family court case or a child custody dispute.

Record ANY confidential information

Share only what you choose

In-app secure messaging

Encrypted and secure

Link to an adviser or professional

No tracking or cookies