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Your Powerful Case Management System


Your Powerful Case Management System

ONRECORD is a case management system designed by legal specialists, for legal practices and professionals, to help empower your organisation and your clients, by supporting the creation, sharing and management of client evidence.

About ONRecord

Both a mobile and web application, ONRECORD offers a powerful digital portal between you and your clients, with features designed to safeguard the integrity of their evidence so that, if necessary, it can be relied upon in court.

By granting your clients access to the mobile app , you can empower your clients to participate in compiling a rich chronology of events, evidence and experience, attach relevant files and assign an impact score to each record, which you can review and manage via either the web or mobile app. 

Our seamless case management system provides you, the legal professional, with a chronological, searchable database of client evidence, to help increase your effectiveness and efficiency. 

No more plastic bags filled with various scraps of paper, photos, receipts or handwritten notes.  ONRECORD is here to help your organisation to innovate the way you work.

How Does Our Case Management System Work?

For more information about the features and functionality of ONRECORD and how it can help you, visit our How It Works page.

Empowering Your Practice & Clients

ONRECORD can help maximise your efficiency and effectiveness and empower your organisation in a number of ways, including

Our case management system empowers your clients by enabling them to contribute to their case, by compiling their own evidence, in their own voice, in their own time, rather than during billable appointments. The app also helps to minimise the stress clients may feel to mentally recall, order and articulate events and evidence under pressure.

Clients using ONRECORD proactively to compile their evidence will benefit from more valuable face-to-face appointments, with a lawyer already informed about and up to date with their unique situation

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White Label Our Case Management System

ONRECORD’s online web application can be branded with your practice’s logo, so you can offer your clients access to this powerful tool with pride and confidence. 

Branding customisation also extends to messages and notifications sent to users of the online web application , which will display as being from your legal practice. 

This helps to ensure that your clients feel that they’re using a case management system that is not only specifically designed to help them, but one that feels made for and by your legal practice. 

Make ONRECORD your very own case management system. Get in touch with our team to discuss your unique requirements today.


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You can find the ONRECORD mobile app in the App Store and Google Play, or you can login to the web app using the Login button in the header.