historical child abuse

Giving a voice to those who are not heard

The ONRECORD app, by storing good quality and detailed evidence online, which can be securely shared with  professionals, provides the best opportunity for anyone to penetrate the resistance to them being heard.  There are plenty of powerful figures, such as those suppressing the information about child abuse on the British mainland and the Channel Islands, who will try to silence victims.  In the end, though, being able to present your evidence clearly and share it securely is the most effective way of ensuring that cover-ups are uncovered and the guilty face justice.

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How can historical abuse be proved? 

If you were a victim of abuse as a child or young person, it is known as ‘historical abuse’.  Your decision to report it now is bound to be influenced by whether you’re likely to be successful and how difficult it’s going to be.  Historical abuse cases have had lots of publicity in the past few years, especially for those abused (or allegedly abused) by prominent people and it could easily put you off.  It’s revealed a level of interest from the press and public, which is often voyeuristic and ghoulish. Maybe now as an adult you want to report your abuse to the police but you’re worried about proving it and concerned about the publicity, the pressure and the repercussions. This is very understandable. 

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