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How Our Digital Evidence Management System Works

ONRECORD is an easy-to-use digital evidence management system, accessible by both a web and mobile app, designed by legal specialists to support both lawyers and clients alike.

We designed our app to address perhaps the biggest problem encountered by legal professionals: poor and incomplete evidence, and to empower individuals to contribute to their case by compiling the complete and credible evidence that lawyers require to deliver a successful outcome in court. 

Our digital evidence management system provides a digital portal between lawyers and clients that brings together both the collation, management and sharing of evidence, and secure encrypted messaging, with features designed to retain the robustness, value and credibility of evidence.

Explore how to get the best out of ONRECORD below.

How to Compile Complete & Credible Evidence with ONRECORD

We designed our digital evidence management system to offer individuals an easy-to-use, elegant framework that helps to maximise your chances of a successful case by leading you to:

  1. Make contemporaneous records: Making records  immediately after an event is beneficial to establishing the credibility of your evidence. Where possible, use ONRECORD to make records of events just after they occur, at the location in which they occurred, to help verify your evidence via the app’s secure location and date metadata tagging.
  2. Add attachments: Adding supporting evidence to your records is key to adding credibility to your evidence. Take a photo, record a video, or make an audio recording via our mobile app (these files are stored in the app and not on your device) or upload supporting materials from your device.
  3. Provide a detailed account of what happened: Truthful, detailed records can help your lawyer to more quickly and effectively act on your evidence and help to maximise the robustness of your evidence, so if necessary, it may be relied upon in court. Stick to the facts and don’t exaggerate. Detail who was involved, what occurred and where, providing actual quotes where possible. 
  4. Enter the date and time: Providing a clear, accurate timeline of events is essential to help your lawyer better serve you, and to satisfy the needs of judges should your case go to court. It’s essential to enter the date and time the event occurred – not the date and time you’re uploading your record, which is automatically logged by the app. 
    Selecting the date and time at which the event occurred ensures that your record is sorted in the correct order, and placed at the correct point in the chronological timeline our digital evidence management system helps you to develop.
  5. Give your records an impact score: Giving events an impact score is key to helping you and your lawyer identify the most significant points across the timeline of events. Provide each record of experience with a score relative to the magnitude of the event, and how upsetting or damaging it was to you, and others if appropriate. 
  6. Enter Location: Using the ‘Location’ button to show exactly  where the event took place can help to support the credibility of your evidence. Our digital evidence management system automatically logs the location of users at the point your record is uploaded, in addition to the location metadata of photos, videos and audio recordings. If you make your record in the location the event took place, use the ‘Location’ button and choose ‘Save current location’ to verify your account of events and support the authority of your evidence.
  7. Upload and compile records: Ensuring you are content with the completeness of each record before clicking “upload” is key, as records cannot be edited once uploaded. This helps to protect the credibility of your evidence and maintain a complete picture of events. 
  8. Amend records: Amendments help to safeguard the authority of your evidence, and provide your lawyer and other relevant legal professionals such as judges, with a complete and transparent view of events. Add any number of amendments to a single record to add corrections or new information, and develop a detailed and accurate account of each event. 
  9. Further organise your evidence: Adding ‘Labels’ to your records can help you get the most out of the ONRECORD app, and provide you with a deep, searchable database of evidence.

Use our digital evidence management system to organise different kinds of records, such as witness information, under their own label. You can also add ‘labels’ to organise your records under more than one heading.

digital evidence management system

How Legal Professionals Use Our Digital Evidence Management System

Our digital evidence management system can help you to transform the way your practice works, and enable you to deliver greater value to your clients.
  1. Stress-free adoption: We minimise the stress of adopting new technology by setting up your free account for you. Contact us to get started, and once your account is created you’ll receive an email with login details. We’ll also create accounts for your clients upon request, who will access their account in the same way. You’ll need to share your account’s serial number with your clients to enable them to connect to your account, and provide you with seamless access to their records. 
  2. Keep track of client evidence: Whether logged in via the web or mobile app, ONRECORD provides you with a simple list of clients connected to your account. Simply tap on each client’s name to access and review their up-to-date records, and read and  respond to new messages.
  3. Maximise the quality of client evidence and win more cases: Encourage your clients to use our digital evidence management system to record contemporaneous records of events, complete with essential date, time and location information, to provide you with the strong, credible evidence you need to win your case.
  4. Easily translate client evidence into statements: Say goodbye to leafing endlessly through assorted documents, photos and messages to develop a statement. ONRECORD enables you to quickly view, select, and export client records and messages on both a computer and mobile device.
  5. Improve client communication and relations: Offer your clients the peace of mind they need with ONRECORD’s suite of tools designed to help you better support, collaborate, and communicate with your clients. Establish your reputation as a forward thinking practice that offers unparalleled client support for the digital age.
  6. Keep track of complex, fast moving cases: We designed our digital evidence management system to help you and your team stay up to date with your clients and to facilitate the seamless request for, and reception of information, when you need it, wherever you are. Easily connect multiple members of your team to each client’s account to help ensure all relevant parties are fully informed, and encourage your clients to utilise our features to subdivide their records into “Cases” and assign them ‘Labels’ in order to organise the different kinds of evidence they may be gathering.
  7. One single secure channel clients use to contact you: ONRECORD offers you one central platform that brings together client evidence and client communication.  All communications, documents and supporting media are encrypted, protected and regularly backed up.
digital evidence management system


Contact our team today, using the form below, to discuss your requirements and set up an account to empower your organisation and your clients.

You can find the ONRECORD mobile app in the App Store and Google Play, or you can login to the web app using the Login button in the header.