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ONRECORD is easy-to-use evidence tracking software, designed by legal specialists, to empower individuals navigating legal matters and to help maximise your chances of a successful outcome.

Our mobile app enables you to contribute to building your case, offering the ultimate platform for compiling, managing and sharing records of your evidence, in your own voice.

Update your account with detailed chronological records, complete with supporting evidence, to compile the essential details of your case. 

ONRECORD creates a digital portal between you, your lawyer, and other relevant agencies/individuals, enabling you to instantly update those supporting you with records of evidence that can be more easily reviewed and effectively actioned.  

Our evidence tracking software also features an encrypted messaging feature, enabling you to communicate and collaborate with your lawyer quickly, easily, and securely.

Why Should I Use ONRECORD?

Whether you’re navigating a domestic abuse, stalking, harassment, family court case, court of protection, clinical negligence, personal injury, or employment case, our evidence tracking software is the perfect way to contemporaneously record evidence and contribute to developing your case. 

Minimise the pressure of recalling, ordering, and describing often stressful past events and evidence in time pressured calls or appointments.

Help your lawyer spend less time trying to extract the details of your case, and more time working to win your case, by providing them with the records they need.

Avoid the mistakes and misunderstandings caused by having to leave messages for your lawyer with others. By sharing your records with your lawyer and using the app’s messaging feature, appointments with your lawyer will offer you greater value.

ONRECORD can help you to more quickly receive the valuable support you need and increase your chances of a successful outcome, by providing your lawyer with chronological records of evidence, written by you at the time of the event, to help them work and serve you more efficiently. 

As legal specialists with decades of experience, we developed the features and functionality of our evidence tracking software to safeguard the integrity of your evidence so if required, it can be relied upon in court.

evidence tracking software

How Our Evidence Tracking Software Supports Your Case

The ONRECORD app leverages a number of features to guide you to provide well organised and presented records, and retain their evidential value, confidentiality and integrity including:

  • Our evidence tracking software locks-in the date, time and location of each record you make, and its attachments. We disable the ability to edit records once they’re uploaded, but unlimited amendments can be added to a record to ensure a complete and credible picture of the event is maintained.
  • All records, supporting evidence and in-app messages are safely encrypted and stored in the cloud.
  • Your records always belong to you. You can choose which records you wish to share with connected accounts, and can withdraw this access at any time.
  • Our evidence tracking software enables you to subdivide your records and evidence into ‘Cases’ and assign them ‘Labels’. It is a secure online filing system that is searchable by ‘Case’, ‘Label’, date, keywords, and can be shared with your lawyer and other agencies in a chronological, organised format.
  • As an app that can be downloaded and deleted whenever you need to make a record or communicate with your lawyer, ONRECORD provides a safe and secure solution for individuals living in danger or under controlling circumstances.
evidence tracking software
evidence tracking software

Evidence Tracking Software You Can Trust

As legal specialists with decades of experience, we designed the ONRECORD app to address one of the biggest problems encountered by lawyers: Poor and incomplete evidence. 

Cases are seldom won without strong, credible evidence, and this is precisely what our evidence tracking software helps you to achieve, to maximise your chances of a successful outcome. 

Before developing ONRECORD, founders Jill and George worked in Family Courts all over the south of the UK. 

Jill was a solicitor in her own private practice for many years and a Children Panel solicitor in the Family Court. George was a medical consultant psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer at Oxford University, who became an expert witness in the Family Court. 

You can rest assured that every element of our evidence tracking software was designed to ensure the strength, organisation and integrity of your evidence.


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