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About Our Legal Records Management Software

ONRECORD is a powerful legal tool designed by legal specialists, to support both lawyers and individuals navigating legal cases

Our legal records management software, accessible by both a mobile and web application, provides a digital portal between lawyers and clients to support the creation, sharing, and management of evidence and facilitate secure instant messaging.

Designed to address the biggest problem encountered by legal professionals, poor and incomplete evidence, ONRECORD empowers clients to compile rich records of evidence and share these with their lawyer. Legal professionals can then seamlessly access, organise and more effectively action records of evidence, and offer their clients greater value. 

ONRECORD offers a simple and sophisticated framework that guides users to compile complete and credible evidence, and harnesses a number of technical features to safeguard the robustness of client evidence to help maximise the likelihood of a successful case outcome. 

Whether you’re a lawyer or an individual, our versatile legal records management software can support you in domestic abuse, stalking, harassment, family court cases, court of protection, clinical negligence, personal injury and employment cases.

Legal Records Management Software By Legal Specialists

ONRECORD’s legal records management software was designed by legal sector experts, Jill Canvin and George Hibbert.

Jill was a solicitor, running her own solicitor’s firm for 33 years where she dealt with criminal cases initially, before becoming a Children Panel solicitor in the Family Court. 

George was a medical consultant psychiatrist in Oxford and Senior Lecturer at Oxford University, specialising in substance misuse and personality disorders and running the Psychiatric Intensive Care service. As part of this work he became an expert witness in the Family Court.  

In 2001, the two set up a residential parenting assessment centre, where George worked to assess parents whose children were considered to be at risk.  He provided expert evidence on parenting capacity to Family Courts all over the south of the UK.

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Developing ONRECORD

ONRECORD was conceived in 2010, as Jill and George began exploring how to transfer their knowledge and skills in this space, into legal records management software that could help to empower lawyers and clients alike.

Jill and George are fully involved in the ongoing development and improvement of ONRECORD and work to help and support our customers (legal practices across the UK and beyond) to get the most out of the app’s simple but sophisticated feature set

We look forward to seeing more and more legal practices adopt ONRECORD and watching our app optimise the way in which lawyers work and deliver value to their clients. We also hope to see our legal tool become the catalyst that moves the legal sector to adopt a client-centred, digital approach to case building.

Review our suite of guidance videos or visit our How It Works page, to learn how to use our legal records management software, and contact our team today to get started with an ONRECORD account.

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White Label Our Records Management Software

The ONRECORD app can be branded with your practice’s logo, so you can offer your clients access to our powerful tool with confidence and authority. 

This branding customisation also extends to messages and notifications sent to users, to help clients feel that they’re using a records management software that is not only tailored to them, but developed by and for your specific practice. 

Get in touch with our team to discuss your unique requirements today.

The Future of ONRECORD

The versatility of ONRECORD’s functionality makes it not only a must-have tool for the legal sector, across the UK and wherever the rule of law applies, but one with enormous potential in law enforcement, healthcare, employment and housing sectors. 

If you work in these sectors and believe records management software that enables users to digitally log, share and manage records, could benefit your organisation and those you support, be sure to get in touch with our team today to discuss trialling ONRECORD.

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