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Using Our Evidence Management App

To explore how the ONRECORD app works, and can be leveraged to support both legal professionals and individuals navigating legal cases, be sure to visit our How It Works, Empowering Your Practice, and Supporting individuals pages.

The FAQ’s below aim to answer any additional questions you may have about navigating the various useful features of our evidence management app.

General FAQs

‘Labels’ are headings used to describe records of evidence, assigned to records to help you categorise and group different records together so they can be easily searched and managed at a later date. 

You can create an unlimited number of ‘Labels’, which can be titled however you please and can be assigned to any record. ‘Labels’ are also colour coded to help make it easy to identify key experiences across a timeline of events.

‘Cases’ are headings used to describe the issues your records relate to. 

Create a new ‘Case’ for each separate issue you are experiencing to group records relating to each issue together. You can create as many ‘Cases’ as you need and can give each ‘Case’ a name of your choice. 

‘Cases’ can also be subdivided into separate ‘Labels’, and by connecting to your legal professional’s ONRECORD account, you can share ‘Cases’ with them to provide them access to all records categorised under a particular ‘Case’.

Verifying your location helps you to prove the accuracy of your records of evidence, enabling you to use the GPS of your mobile device to confirm your location upon uploading a record. This can be key evidence should you be challenged on where you were.

The ‘Verify Location’ function of our evidence management app records a latitude and longitude and logs your location via a pointer on a map. Far more accurate than simply specifying an address, this latitude and longitude information is saved in the ‘metadata’ attached to your record, and cannot be changed. 

This is why records should be made contemporaneously, at the location where the event occurred. Should you upload a record at a different location than where the event took place, use the ‘Enter the address’ option. However, this does not utilise your phone’s GPS, and therefore is evidentially less robust.

Records uploaded to ONRECORD cannot be edited, to help maintain a complete view of evidence and safeguard the integrity and credibility of evidence. 

If you need to correct an uploaded record, or would like to expand on the detail provided, you can add an unlimited number of amendments to each record. These amendments are additional notes associated with the original record and can include attachments of evidentiary materials to create a comprehensive view of your experience.

Yes. Individual records, whole ‘Labels’ and their associated records, or whole ‘Cases’ and all the ‘Labels’ and records within, can be deleted. When deleting ‘Labels’ and ‘Cases’, be sure to move records you wish to retain to new locations first.

Once deleted, records cannot be retrieved. This is for security and confidentiality reasons, to ensure we are never in breach of GDPR by retaining a backup of personal information you’ve deleted, and to assure our users that your deleted information has truly been deleted and is not available elsewhere. 

ONRECORD provides both lawyers and individuals navigating legal cases with a chronology of evidence and experience.

To export your entire database of records on the ONRECORD mobile app:

  • Go to ‘All records’
  • Choose ‘Select all’
  • Press on the 3 dot menu icon at the top right of the screen
  • Choose ‘Export selection’

To export your selected records on the mobile app:

  • Go to ‘My Records’
  • Press on the case name you want to download
  • Press on ‘View records’
  • Use ‘Select’ to choose which records to download
  • Tap on ‘Options’ and choose ‘Export selection’’.

(The records will be downloaded as a chronology with all the attachments)

To export your entire database of organised records on the ONRECORD web app:

  • Login to our website
  •  Go to ‘All records’ in the menu
  • Click on ‘Select all’
  • Click on ‘Download’

To export only selected records from the web app:

  • Login on our website.
  • Go to ‘My Case(s)’
  • Tap on ‘My Records’ of the case you wish to download
  • Select which records you want to download.
  • Tap the ‘Download’ button.
  • Choose whether you wish to download the attachments and whether you want the ‘metadata’ which includes the location information and impact score.

Individuals can use impact scores to log the significance of events, whether they be positive or negative, to help create an easy-to-navigate chronological timeline of events, where key points can be easily identified. The impact can range from -3 (very negative) to +3 (very positive) and will display in the timeline.

The ONRECORD web application enables you to search through your records by level of impact.

  • Log into the ONRECORD evidence management app via our website
  • Choose  ‘My Cases’
  • Select the case you want to search through
  • Click ‘My Records’
  • Select the impact level you wish to search for

ONRECORD enables individuals to seamlessly update their legal professional with records of evidence, in real time. 

Users can connect to legal professionals by choosing “Connect” from the menu in the app, and entering the serial number of the lawyer’s ONRECORD account. Legal professionals will need to provide clients with this account number to enable the connectivity of accounts. 

Records always belong to the individual, who can revoke access at any time, though we still enable the legal professional to retain records for 28 days after the disconnection of accounts.

By connecting to a legal professional you are agreeing to give them access to your records for the particular ‘Case’ or Cases you choose to share with them.  

Lawyers have an obligation to keep a record of their work with clients. It’s a key part of the regulations that govern their profession, which include obligations of confidentiality and security of documentation. 

Therefore, when you disconnect from a professional on the ONRECORD evidence management app, they have 28 days to download all the material to which they had access while connected to your account.

When two accounts are connected, you can exchange confidential, encrypted messages and attachments that can only be seen and accessed by both parties.

However, you can choose to convert a message into a record which can then be accessed by anybody else to whom you have connected and given access to that case. Converted messages will appear in chronological order along with all records in that case.

The only difference between the mobile and web applications is that the web application offers you the ability to search through your records. In all other ways, the two versions of the ONRECORD evidence management app are synchronised and offer all the same functionality and benefits to both lawyers and individuals.

To close your account in the mobile app”

  • Go to ‘Settings’ 
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Press on ‘Delete account’
  • Your account will close at the end of your current subscription period

To close your account in the web app:

  • Login to our evidence management app via our website
  • Go to ‘Billing’ in the menu
  • Click on ‘Cancel plan’
  • Your account will close at the end of your current subscription period

To explore how the ONRECORD app works, and can be leveraged to support both legal professionals and individuals navigating legal cases, be sure to visit our How It Works, Empowering Your Practice, and Supporting individuals pages. 

The Security & Privacy of Our Evidence Management App

Only you and any person you choose to connect to can see your records. 

People you have connected to can only see the records and messages of the ‘Cases’ you have shared with them.

Not even us, the ONRECORD team, can see your records without you giving us access.

Most technical problems can be resolved without needing to see your records, though in rare instances we may need you to share your password with us to enable us to login and rectify the issue. 

You’ll be able to set up a new password afterwards to maintain your privacy when the problem is resolved.

The ONRECORD team is completely committed to maintaining your confidentiality and privacy, and as a doctor and lawyer, our directors take this responsibility very seriously.

All records and messages made and uploaded to our evidence management app are encrypted when at rest on our Microsoft Azure server, and are also protected by Microsoft’s security when being uploaded and downloaded to your mobile device and computer.

The app has several key security features:

  • Fingerprint/face recognition and/or PIN to login on the mobile app – go to ‘Settings’.
  • Two factor authentication can be activated – go to ‘Settings’
  • You are only logged out of the mobile app when you sign out using the menu. You will not be logged out if you simply navigate away from the app (although after a period of time without returning to the app you will still be logged out).
  • When you navigate away from the mobile app, the screen for the app is blanked out so the contents cannot be seen when scrolling open apps. Face/fingerprint recognition or PIN will reopen it. This can be reset in ‘Settings’.
  • Photos, videos and audio recordings made using the app (rather than the phone’s own camera and microphone system) are not stored in the phone’s galleries and are therefore not seen by anyone scrolling through your phone’s photo gallery.
  • The metadata of photos and videos made using the app cannot be altered, unlike photos and videos made using your phone’s camera. 


Your account is private and only you can decide whether you wish to share your records.  We don’t sell or share any of your information for marketing or advertising and we ask for subscriptions because there are no advertisements.

The only cookies we use are those on our website, which are essential to its functionality. It’s because we don’t use any advertising cookies and do not seek revenue from the sale of your data, that we rely on a subscription model to keep our evidence management app running.


Contact our team today, using the form below, to discuss your requirements and set up an account to empower your organisation and your clients.

You can find the ONRECORD mobile app in the App Store and Google Play, or you can login to the web app using the Login button in the header.