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We designed our app to address perhaps the biggest problem encountered by legal professionals – poor and incomplete evidence – and to empower individuals to contribute to their case by compiling the complete, contemporaneous and credible evidence required to deliver a successful outcome in court.

Our digital evidence management system provides a portal between lawyers and clients that brings together both the collation, management and sharing of evidence, and secure encrypted messaging, with features designed to retain the robustness, value and credibility of evidence.

Our versatile legal case management software can support you in domestic abuse, elder abuse, stalking, harassment, family court cases, court of protection, clinical negligence, personal injury, employment cases, and can help to enhance your reputation as a forward-thinking legal practice.

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How Legal Professionals Use Our Digital Evidence Management System

Our digital evidence management system can help you to transform the way your practice works, and enable you to deliver greater value to your clients:

  1. Stress-free adoption: We minimise the stress of adopting new technology by setting up your free account for you. Contact us to get started, and once your account is created you’ll receive an email with login details. We’ll also create accounts for your clients upon request, who will access their account in the same way. You’ll need to share your account’s serial number with your clients to enable them to connect to your account, and provide you with seamless access to their records.The app blends sophistication with simplicity to ensure there’s no tricky learning curve for you or your clients.
  2. Keep track of client evidence: Whether logged in via the web or mobile app, ONRECORD provides you with a simple list of clients connected to your account. Simply tap on each client’s name to access and review their up-to-date records and to read and respond to new messages.
  3. Maximise the quality of client evidence and win more cases: Encourage your clients to use our digital evidence management system to record contemporaneous records of events, complete with essential date, time and location information, to provide you with the strong, credible evidence you need to win your case.
  4. Easily translate client evidence into statements: Say goodbye to leafing through assorted documents, photos and messages to develop a statement. ONRECORD enables you to quickly view, select, and export client records, supporting evidence and messages on both a computer and mobile device.
  5. Improve client communication and relations: Offer your clients the peace of mind they need with ONRECORD’s suite of tools designed to help you better support, collaborate, and communicate with your clients. ONRECORD facilitates client communication via its encrypted messaging function. This helps to minimise the number of incoming phone calls, emails and WhatsApps from clients, and enables you to not only instantly contact your client, but manage your chain of communications so messages are not overlooked or lost. Establish your reputation as a forward thinking practice that offers unparalleled client support for the digital age.
  6. Keep track of complex, fast moving cases: We designed our digital evidence management system to help you and your team stay up to date with your clients and to facilitate the seamless request for and reception of information, when you need it, wherever you are. Easily connect multiple members of your team to each client’s account to help ensure all relevant parties are fully informed. Encourage your clients to utilise our features to subdivide their records into ‘Cases’ and assign them ‘Labels ’in order to organise the different kinds of evidence they may be gathering.
  7. One single secure channel clients use to contact you: ONRECORD offers you one central platform that brings together client evidence and client communication. All communications, documents and supporting media are encrypted, protected and regularly backed up.

The future of legal representation is digital and client-centred. ONRECORD empowers clients to compile their own evidence in their own voice and time, rather than struggling to recall past events or search for relevant supporting evidence during face-to-face appointments, giving the client greater value.

Legal Records Management Software By Legal Specialists

ONRECORD’s legal records management software was designed by legal sector experts, Jill Canvin and George Hibbert.

Jill was a solicitor, running her own solicitor’s firm for 33 years where she dealt with criminal cases initially, before becoming a Children Panel solicitor in the Family Court.

George was a medical consultant psychiatrist in Oxford and Senior Lecturer at Oxford University, specialising in substance misuse and personality disorders and running the Psychiatric Intensive Care service. As part of this work he became an expert witness in the Family Court.

In 2001, the two set up a residential parenting assessment centre, where George worked to assess parents whose children were considered to be at risk. He provided expert evidence on parenting capacity to Family Courts all over the south of the UK.

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