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Keeping on top of Health and Safety legislation, along with what’s required by your own organisation’s policies can be hard work and stressful. ONRECORD is a great way to escape from the inefficiency of the written log book by allowing you and your team members to be keeping records on the move, which, when uploaded, are immediately accessible by those who need to know in real time. Sometimes it’s important to be able to react to situations quickly especially when risks are present and ONRECORD will make the facts available at your fingertips on your mobile, helping with decision making. In addition the records can be downloaded as pdfs or zip files and printed off too, whenever you need them, to go on your Health and Safety file for archiving and inspection. They can be also be produced where there’s potential for civil litigation, and records are requested by solicitors.

Limitations of the Health and Safety Log-book?

There are obvious problems with a log book as a record system, since, if you need to identify any issues quickly, you will have to thumb through the diary. A physical book is static and can obviously only be in one place at a time. It cannot be immediately available to more than one person at a time or in more than one place. It’s especially tedious in a large organisation and it’s an outmoded way of working in today’s technological world. What’s required is a flexible recording system that has sections for each type of health and safety record that’s needed in an organisation. It can include anything that’s necessary for your organisation including training, risk assessments, fire drills, inspections, refresher or renewal dates etc. ONRECORD can be set up to do this easily and flexibly.

How can ONRECORD help to prove my health and safety concerns?

ONRECORD is a convenient online tool to help you collect and record evidence. Designed by a leading lawyer and doctor, the service allows you to quickly and discreetly everything you need to in order to help you build a case. We also have a free app.

Why do I need to keep records?

Good records are essential to…

  • Ensure key information is easily found and retrievable and can be passed on from one person to another, ensuring consistency and continuity;
  • Ensure that the organisation can demonstrate compliance under health and safety law;
  • Make the work of Health & Safety staff easier if they know what needs to be done and when;
  • Enable senior managers to monitor health and safety performance;
  • Meet the legal requirement, in many cases, to keep certain health and safety records available for inspection. Health and Safety Executive Inspectors and Union Health and Safety Representatives have a legal right to inspect health and safety records. Health & Safety Services staff and the organisation’s Health and Safety board will also want to periodically review Company / directorate health and safety records.

ONRECORD is ideally suited to meet all these requirements.


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