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10 Keys to Good Evidence

Your task, when giving evidence, it to persuade the court.  You do not need to try to persuade the opposition parties, their lawyers or, indeed, your own lawyers.  It is only the court’s opinion that will matter in the end.  So when you want to give good, effective and convincing evidence, you need to understand what the court regards as good evidence.

Here are 10 key points to remember when you have to give evidence.

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Child Manipulation: How to Protect Your Child and Yourself

It’s hard to protect yourself from child manipulation by the other parent but here is the best advice you can have. The key to success is to gather all the evidence of manipulation you can so that you build a record which proves your case. ONRECORD has been specifically designed for gathering evidence, organising it so that it is easy for others to understand and sharing it with key professionals.

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