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Some arguments turn into long acrimonious disputes which are hard to resolve because it’s hard to show clearly who the aggressor is and who is the victim. It can easily turn into something an outsider might describe as ‘simply a clash of personalities’ or ‘six of one and half a dozen of the other’ and so it goes on and on.

Types of housing & neighbour disputes

  • Neighbours – e.g. About the boundary, a hedge, noise, children’s behaviour.
  • Tenants and landlords – e.g. Repairs, noise, bad behaviour, not keeping the accommodation or garden in good order.
  • Parents and children – e.g. Rowdy behaviour by children, bullying, perhaps the behaviour of the whole family

Our tips:

Don’t retaliate in ways which make you look as bad as the person you’re in dispute with.

If you try to resolve the problem do it calmly and preferably with a witness. Or write a letter or email keeping a copy and a record of any replies.

Be clear about what the issues are and make a suggestion about how it might be resolved inviting a negotiation.

How can ONRECORD help with my dispute?

ONRECORD will help you collect and store vital evidence to help you with your housing or neighbour dispute.

Always keep a record of what happens in relation to the actual dispute.

Upload any supporting evidence (photos, videos, documents, voice recordings) and make a note of the name and contact details of a witness.

You can record events under a single heading (‘label’) or separate it into different labels if that’s more helpful.

Always start a separate label to record your attempts at resolving the issues. Be clear about what was proposed and the reply. If anything is written or recorded upload it. If the reaction is another event e.g. the person turning up and threatening you, clearly record it in the recommended way.

Keep going with the records until you think there are enough examples and attempts at resolving it have failed. Then seek advice and take action.


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