How to Prove Neighbour Nuisance

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Gather evidence to help you prove neighbour nuisance

Neighbour nuisance can occur for all sorts of reasons and it can be hard knowing what to do when you are faced with a disturbance so close to where you live. It can make you feel uncomfortable, unnerved and vulnerable, particularly as your home should make you feel safe and secure.

What is neighbour nuisance?

Neighbour nuisance can be:

  • Any kind of anti social behaviour;
  • Noise from TVs, radios and sound systems;
  • Rowdy adults, foul language, riotous parties;
  • Noise of builders, DIY jobs, garden equipment;
  • Pets – noise and mess;
  • Rubbish and mess in a garden, rats and mice and other pests causing a health hazard;
  • Needles and other drug use paraphernalia;
  • Overhanging trees, tall hedges, fences falling down.

Neighbour nuisance is different from neighbour disputes.

What are neighbour disputes?

Neighbour disputes can be about:

  • Boundaries;
  • A leasehold;
  • Party walls;
  • Planning applications and planning appeals;
  • Rights of way;
  • Property;
  • Possession of property.

These kinds of cases involve disagreements over what neighbours believe. For example there may be a difference of opinion with your neighbour over:

  • how much land belongs to one of you;
  • where the boundary line is; or
  • Whether there’s a right of way over a neighbour’s land.

These kinds of cases can be very contentious and are well known to be very difficult to resolve. It seems very common for neighbours to feel very strongly about their property and to become entrenched in their beliefs. Over time the situation worsens with angry arguments and even violent or fatal confrontations.

Follow the same tips as for neighbour nuisance.

In neighbour disputes, making records is just as essential as it is with neighbour nuisance. Make records of the behaviour of your neighbour and of yourself when there are arguments and maybe even threats and violence.

How ONRECORD Can Help With Neighbour Nuisance & Neighbour Disputes

Using our online resources and the free mobile app you can gather sufficient evidence to help with any neighbour dispute.

Here are our top tips:

  • Always keep a written record of each event. See our case example here to show the kinds of records you need to keep [ Neighbours from hell ]
  • Upload any supporting evidence (photos, videos, documents, voice recordings) and make a note of the name and contact details of any witnesses;
  • Note the impact of the incident.
  • You can record events under a single heading (‘label’) but if there’s more than one kind of problem, separate them under different labels if that’s more helpful;
  • Keep a record of your attempts at resolving the issues. Be clear about what was proposed and the reply. If anything is written or recorded upload it. If the reaction is another event e.g. the neighbour turning up and threatening you, clearly record it in the same way;
  • Keep going with the records until you think there are enough examples and attempts at resolving it have failed. Then seek advice and take action.
  • There’s a useful website at


Don’t retaliate in ways which make you look as bad as the person you’re in dispute with.

If you try to resolve the problem do it calmly and preferably with a witness. Or write a letter or email, keeping a copy and a record of any replies.

Be clear about what the issues are and make a suggestion about how it might be resolved inviting a negotiation.