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Need to prove a case?  Need evidence?

If you are experiencing an ongoing problem and need a lawyer or police help, you will have to either tell them or put together some written evidence to show them what is happening to you and, in due course, to prove your case.  Use ONRECORD to gather evidence. Alternatively, you can either:

  • Sit with a lawyer or the police, trying to recall from memory all that’s happened while also trying to sort out various different kinds of evidence to show them.  The lawyer and the police officer will take both notes and try to turn what you say into a statement.  The lawyer will charge you by the minute.  The police officer will need to be convinced that your problem is important enough to take time away from many other distractions.


  • You can be more prepared by making written notes about what has been happening, on paper or on your phone/computer, keep them in a file, either give hard copies to advisers and the police or email them and hope they will keep everything together, in order and not lose things. The supporting evidence such as documents or photos will need to be in the file and linked to the right records. 

Or you can use ONRECORD to gather evidence.

For a modest monthly subscription, ONRECORD does everything to help you start and keep going with putting together your evidence.  It helps you:  Write good records; organise them under headings and cases; save them securely; share them confidentially; save money and time; and get a better service from professionals and other support.

How does ONRECORD help you to gather evidence?

With ONRECORD you can:

  • Keep constantly updating your records as events occur or as you remember things, automatically sorting them in date/time order. 
  • Organise your evidence under as many headings (‘labels’) or separate cases as you need.  You can change the way records are organised at any time by creating more headings or cases and moving records between them as you wish.
  • Securely, and at no cost, link the records you wish to share to any number of professionals or others supporting you (a lawyer, police, a counsellor, a trusted friend or family member) to allow them to access your records at any time to review your progress and offer help and support.  You can share different records with different supporters.
  • Exchange confidential messages with those you link to.  Messages can include documents and other supporting evidence.  Messages you receive, if they help your case, can be converted into records to become part of your evidence.   
  • Prove when the records were uploaded, to show they were written soon after the event when it was fresh in your mind.  This will help to avoid your evidence being undermined in court. 
  • Link the supporting evidence (photos, videos, documents etc) with the record to show they are directly related so that there is no confusion about what evidence goes with what record.
  • Prove that a photo, taken via the app, has not been tampered with or modified in any way (as photos can be when taken via your phone). 
  • Prove the location of an event using the app’s GPS facility.
  • Show the frequency of events and their severity on a timeline.
  • Show the pattern of events in a calendar.
  • Download selected records whenever you wish.  You can select records to download on the basis of headings, cases, date ranges, severity, locations, or key words.
  • Be protected from the temptation to tamper with your evidence.  Once uploaded, records cannot be edited (they can be deleted).  To add to or correct an uploaded record, you can add any number of amendments.
  • See our guidance videos to show you how ONRECORD helps with all of these features.

The benefits of using ONRECORD to gather evidence

Be at an advantage over your adversary

If you use ONRECORD to gather evidence you are at a major advantage.  ONRECORD is specifically designed by a lawyer for this evidence gathering task and is the best way to ensure that your case is understood, properly supported by evidence, taken seriously and shared securely.

Don’t be made to look a fool

There are many reasons why it is essential that you prepare good records before you go to the police or have an appointment with a lawyer and many reasons why ONRECORD is the best way to gather evidence.  The cost of leaving it to lawyers or the police to make an accurate note of what has happened to you can be very high.  If they make mistakes, and we are all human, your case can be completely ruined.  Save time and avoid the frustration caused by not being properly prepared.  Use your time with your lawyer for getting legal advice rather than simply racking your brains for a couple of hours to try to remember and give a clear account of what has happened.

Save money

Lawyers are expensive and explaining your case takes time, especially if you haven’t made any records or can’t lay your hands on supporting evidence. Doing some of this simple work yourself will probably save more money in legal fees than it costs in ONRECORD subscriptions.

Get the attention of the police

You can’t always get the police to pay attention to your problem and you can’t always get the CPS to prosecute.  Police are busy and need any help you can give them to show that your problem is serious and that you have evidence to prove that what you say has happened.  In their very demanding world, police need to be persuaded that your case should be a priority and to feel confident that they can take action to help you.  Most of the terrible failures of the police are caused by a lack of information to warn them of the risks.

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